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When was the last time you got frustrated due to a slow internet connection? If this happens almost everyday, then this might be the right time to change your broadband connection. At All in One Telecom, we are a reliable telecom service provider with an aim to deliver you the fastest internet broadband services in Chandigarh.


What Makes us Different?


We have been partners with some of the leading brands in the industry so our customers get to avail the services of major brands like Airtel and many others. Being in the telecom industry for several years, we have managed to bring you quick and affordable services that save you loads of time and money. This is one of the reasons, we provide the best internet and broadband services in Chandigarh and Mohali region. An added advantage of choosing us is that you get to enjoy a variety which include postpaid GSM, wireless and portable internet connection. Take a glance at some of the products that we offer:


  • Airtel Postpaid, Broadband and Telephone Connections
  • Airtel Lease Line, PRI and 4G Connection
  • Airtel DTH

No wonder, the internet has become an essential part of our life and we can’t spend a single day without it. However, sudden interruptions and low-speed can really lead to the boredom and you can’t take a chance when you are performing your daily business tasks. Our services are framed for providing the fast internet connectivity so your daily core tasks may not have to suffer anymore!

who are we

At All In One Telecom, we provide the latest communication & technology and have been striving hard to make the telecom sector to everyone’s approach throughout Chandigarh. Dealing with almost every service related to telecom, and bestowing one of the best & hassle­ free solutions in terms of telecommunication related services, including Postpaid GSM connections, Broadband connections, Telephone Connections, Lease Line, CDMA Connections, DTH Connections & PRI Connections.

why choose us

➢ Quick & Timely Services

➢ Connections With Major Telecom Brands

➢ Reliable

➢ Broad Range Of Telecom Solutions

➢ Value­ added Services


We provide one of the latest telecommunication solutions around Chandigarh. Rendering the following services:

4G Plan

Voice Plan

Broadband Plan




Voice Plans

From Basic value to complete power voice plans, Airtel Voice plans are set for every user-budget and needs. From single user to complete enterprise plans, our voice plans include features like Caller ID, High quality voice services. Call…

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Airtel Broadband

Broadband refers to the handling of wide range of frequency and its ability to type transport multiple signals and traffic type simultaneously. The information-carrying capacity will be more if the bandwidth is large.In & all Broadband…

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Airtel 4G

In the era of advancements significant changes have been seen in mobile technology as well, the upcoming 4G technology is seen as supersede for existing 3G technology. 4G stands for the fourth generation of mobile communication…

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Corporate PostPaid Plan

Enjoy the liberty of the strongest network of India with special offers for corporate postpaid plans. Airtel postpaid plans for corporate starts at just Rs. 99 making it a steal deal. You can always make a call to our executives at 9915888123 to…

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Airtel Leased Line

Airtel provides internet facilities that are completely secure to work with. With services of Airtel leased line in Chandigarh , you can use faster Internet efficiently and reliably. A leased line is a contract between a provider and a customer to…

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Airtel Pri Service

Approved from ISDN, Airtel PRI in Chandigarh for large and small offices offer reliable network architecture for p2p calling, video conferencing and data sharing. With up to 30 dedicated lines, one can easily use it for seamless…

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