About Us

Hello! Thanks a ton for devoting your valuable time to know more about us. All In One Telecom is a platform of its kind that is brought into existence to make telecom sector to everybody’s reach in Chandigarh. We deal in almost every service related to telecom & deliver you every answer related to telecom services. Our broad range of services include Postpaid GSM connections, Broadband connections,Telephone connections, Lease Line and PRI Connections, CDMA connections, DTH connections. Find out here about how we are helping our customers:


“Transmuting Communication Into A Next Level”

With a successful history over the years, All In One Telecom has grown to become one of Chandigarh’s leading business telecom providers & now our service is available to thousands of users.


“Literally a One – Stop Communication Store”

With a skilled team, in Chandigarh, All In One Telecom provides an extensive range of services, including 4G Connections, Postpaid Connections, Broadband Connections, Telephone Connections, Lease Line, PRI Connections, DTH Connections & CDMA Connections.


“Delivering Excellent Services”

All In One Telecom ­ We’re recognized as providing excellent services at competitive price rates. We’ve developed the perfect platform in order to deliver one of the market ­ leading customer service levels.


“Excellent Customer Support”

Ensuring you a pleasant experience of telecommunication, we pride ourselves on our customer service level from initial to finish.


“We Mean It What We Say”

We also have a unique tie up with some well- known telecommunication sectors such as Tata, Tata Docomo and Airtel. All In One Telecom promises you a customer friendly service at affordable rates.


At All in One Telecom, we take care of all your communication needs so you never have to be worried about next time when the signal goes down and you have a lot of necessary business tasks waiting for you on the desk!