Airtel Broadband in Chandigarh

It’s Time to Switch To Airtel Broadband and Enjoy the Fastest Internet


Broadband refers to the handling of wide range of frequency and its ability to type transport multiple signals and traffic type simultaneously. The information-carrying capacity will be more if the bandwidth is large. In & all Broadband refers to faster internet speed.


Airtel broadband services was started way back to accomplish the desire of high speed internet especially in Chandigarh. It delivers a downloading speed up to 24 Mbps which is something near to a dream. Airtel broadband is manageable with Wifi connection as well. With its superb and efficient customer friendly services, Airtel offers the best deals to its customers. Apart from that, the airtel also offers the telephone connection which gives you many facilities like caller ID, call conferencing, call forwarding, call waiting and other countless services.


You can enjoy the other exciting features of Airtel broadband services in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula by just contacting us. So why to wait? Airtel Broadband Chandigarh will change your experience of surfing and downloading on internet. It also allows you to reach and explore the outside world. Take your airtel connection now and experience the fastest internet browsing and downloading. In conclusion, broadband and telephone connection can make you feel the best difference with internet and telephone.

Broadband Plans

Tariff Plan Plan Rental Speed beyond FUP Limit FUP Download Limit(in GB)
Fast -599 Upto 4 Mbps 599 512 Kbps 5 GB
Fast -799 Upto 4 Mbps 799 512 Kbps 15 GB
Rapid -999 Upto 8 Mbps 999 512 Kbps 25 GB
Rapid -1099 Upto 8 Mbps 1099 512 Kbps 40 GB
Rapid -1299 Upto 8 Mbps 1299 512 Kbps 60 GB
Rapid -1599 Upto 8 Mbps 1599 512 Kbps 80 GB
Rapid -1899 Upto 8 Mbps 1899 512 Kbps 100 GB
Rapid -2049 Upto 8 Mbps 2049 512 Kbps 120 GB
Rapid -2199 Upto 8 Mbps 2199 512 Kbps 150 GB
Rapid -2499 Upto 8 Mbps 2499 512 Kbps 200 GB
Rapid -2799 Upto 8 Mbps 2799 512 Kbps 250 GB
Rapid -3199 Upto 8 Mbps 3199 512 Kbps 300 GB

Note: 2 Mbps speed is for all feasible areas , 4 , 8 and 16 Mbps are feasible at selected locations , pls. call for confirmation .