Airtel Leased Line

Dedicated Line for Corporate Needs, Airtel Leased Line in Chandigarh


Airtel provides internet facilities that are completely secure to work with. With services of Airtel leased line in Chandigarh , you can use faster Internet efficiently and reliably. A leased line is a contract between a provider and a customer to deliver data communication services between two locations in exchange of a monthly rent. Leased line Internet provides you the high performance speed IP connectivity and fastest speed on the Internet. Our services special key points that keep our services above par from other Airtel leased line in Chandigarh. Our dedicated and dynamic allocation of lines helps you maintain error free calls and browsing. Enjoy reduced prices for local, STD and land-line pulses only with Airtel PRI in Chandigarh.


The Primary Rate Interface or simply known as PRI is a standardized telecommunications service level within the ISDN for carrying multiple voice and data transmissions between a network and a user.


A look at some of our advancement in technologies, to make Airtel Leased line a perfect option for every enterprise.


  • A Leased Line is a point-to-point connection between two places, implemented by different transmission media (here through Airtel’s own network), which creates one link between its nodes.

  • A dedicated connectivity is established by creating a logical E1 circuit between Ethernet port of the MUX, to be placed by Bharti Airtel Ltd, at the customer premises and the Ethernet port of BG-40/BG-20 at our MSU (224,Okhla Phase III, Delhi).

  • An E1 standard Leased Line provides transmission speed of the given speed..


We at Airtel will dedicate an Internet Leased Line port of required Mbps at your end. This would enable Client Organization to have Unrestricted Access to the Internet. For Internet Leased Line connectivity, the hardware required by Client Organization is as mentioned below:

  • Leased line Router/Layer 3 Switch at Client Organization office premises. This is to be provided by the customer. The Router would be responsible for forwarding and routing the traffic towards the end locations and to the remote server. The recommended brand is Cisco, but the customer is free to choose the make for himself.

  • Normally in the Internet leased line, pairs of digital Modem with G.703 and V.35 Interfaces for a bandwidth of 64 kbps and an Interface Converter for bandwidth greater than 64 kbps is required but in Airtel’s network we will provide an Ethernet output, no such modems are required.

  • The dedicate Internet access service involves allotting a port of desired speed on the Airtel’s backbone router. The customer connects to this port through Airtel’s already laid network, and gets routed to the World Wide Web through Bharti’s internet gateway.



Requirement: 1 / 2 / 4 Mbps (1:1) Dedicated Internet Leased Line to be delivered at their premise.

Options Bandwidth One Time Charges (INR) Annual recurring Charges (INR)
1 1Mbps (1:1) 5000 65000
1 2Mbps (1:1) 5000 110000
1 4Mbps (1:1) 10000 200000

Requirement: 2/4/8/10Mbps(1:1) Dedicated Internet Leased Line to be delivered at their premise.

Options Bandwidth One Time Charges (INR) Annual recurring Charges (INR)
1 2 Mbps(1:1) 5000 100000
1 4 Mbps(1:1) 5000 190000
1 8 Mbps(1:1) 10000 330000
1 10 Mbps(1:1) 10000 380000

So what are you waiting for? Just enjoy high speed of Internet with Airtel leased line in Chandigarh.